So, I have been working on a quite large Flash presentation for a client.  I’ve been working on it for about three weeks and it was finally to be wrapped up and finished.  After we sent him the final product he came back and said “the size/dimensions are wrong.” ##@$#%@.  Was it my fault?  I checked and it was not.  I went to the original client forum post that said what size to make the presentation, and it in fact had the same dimensions that I made.  Was the client in the wrong?  I don’t know, but I do know that now I have to make a presentation I spent a lot of time on, bigger, in a small amount of time.

The clients requested size turns out to be giant.  1900×1200 giant.  Huge, flatscreen tv giant.  I don’t think my laptop can handle that. So, the project manager and I, actually it was her idea, decided on a compromise for the client.  We would increase the width so that the presentation ended up being a 1.6:1 ratio, which the client wanted, just not 1900×1200 enormongo™.  He accepts and I go to work.

So, all I have to do is increase the horizontal width.  Ok, so I just need to give the stage elements some breathing room.  Sounds easy enough except there is a really long timeline and a whole lot of objects and keyframes.  Enter edit multiple frames.

All I had to do is click the Edit Multiple Frames icon (just under the timeline,) set the ‘bookends’ to the left and right of the area in the timeline that I need to move, unlock the layers that I want moved, and then just move all the art at once.  Bam, I just saved myself a couple of hours of tedious work.  I still had to change some other things manually, but this was a lifesaver.  I find myself using it quite often now and it can save yourself from a lot of repeatitive work.


Konbon Wa!

October 11, 2007

Hola and welcome to Tweend, the dub reggae drum-n-bass and Red Bull fueled musings of a Flash Production Artist working for Terralever in downtown Tempe, AZ.  My name is Brian Lucas, you may simply call me Lucas, and I shall be your pigmentally challenged host in the sun.  I hope to make your wild and crazy, aka sedentary, experience here an enjoyable one.

But for now, I must get to work.  Don’t you love it when you’ve created an animation on a very long timeline and while doing so Flash has automatically created many unnamed symbols for you?  Well I don’t, but now I must go and clean up my project.  Perhaps I’ll pay more attention to what’s happening in my library next time and won’t have as much post production clean up .

Au revoir…